The three pronged approach to wine making creates a sound business model where conventional products support revolutionary wines.
Carl van Wijck


Is the revolutionary wine maker and strategist. He has wide experience in natural wines having first experimented with the concept more than twenty years ago. He successfully produced a natural Sauvignon Blanc in the Karoo which inspired him to apply his ideas on a much larger scale. He is the master-mind and architect behind all the vine plantings and infra-structure that makes up Olivedale Vineyards today.

Abe Beukes


Is the chief winemaker and producer of classical noble wines. He is one of the most experienced winemakers in South Africa, has won multiple awards, and acts as a consultant to many wine cellars. He says: “I was struck by the passion, respect for nature and scientific approach to wine-making at Olivedale Vineyards, and am enthused by the opportunity to apply my love and experience in wine-farming here.” Abe can identify rear wine by flavours others can’t even detect.

Jolene le Roux


The youngest winemaker with solid experience in producing popular wines. This is an essential component of the overall offering of the cellar and in ensuring wines for all tastes and seasons. Someone we admire very much and who has an important influence on our wine.


Something magical happens when investment and creative genius come together – when investors look beyond commercial constraints and returns and share in and commit to the aspirations of a creative virtuoso. Such investments do not fit conventional norms of financial, equity, corporate or even venture capital. They can only be called creative capital.

It’s what happened in a chance meeting in South Africa between wine strategist, Carl van Wijck and his Belgian alliance.

And one of the Belgian partners gave the following statement: “From the first moment I arrived in South Africa, I was touched by the melting pot of so many cultures, backgrounds; the extreme wonderful nature, and a country with a huge potential in so many directions.” Enthralled by van Wijck’s natural wines concept, we were able to convene and recruit the necessary means to share in what we all see as “an extraordinary Union, you can call it a marriage, between people of different origins and the wonderful Cape nature with its exceptional terroir and climate, creating an exquisite product that we like to share with real wine lovers.”

…only when a Winemaker realises that he or she plays a minimal role in a natural process that he or she can make wine.